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Wikipedia astronomie

The role of argumentation in online epistemic communities : the anatomy of a conflict in Wikipedia

This research aims at investigating the processes by which knowledge objects — in this case Wikipedia pages on astronomy — are elaborated, in online communities, focussing on the role of argumentative interactions.

Research approach

We articulate qualitative multidimensional analysis of online discussions, in relation to elaboration of Wikipedia pages, with automatic semantic and syntactic Natural Language Processing (NLP) analysis focussed on identifying the roles of dialogical argumentation processes.


Knowledge objects in online communities are jointly shaped by socio-relational and epistemic processes.

Research limitations/Implications

Our analysis method, based on previous research, is presently restricted to in-depth analysis of a small number of discussions. In ongoing work, our objective is to apply the method to the whole corpus of the Wikipedia astronomy online epistemic community.

This working paper will be presented at the European Conference on Cognitive Ergonomics 2010, Delft, August 25-27.